Renewable Energy

4kW in Tonbridge on Consoles

All forms of renewable energy sources require careful and accurate design in order to get the most out of them.  The most important aspect is the integration of this energy into the systems that are being used on site as this ensures best use of this natural resource.  Elite have a vast experience of dealing with renewable energies and getting the most out of them and being a Mechanical & Electrical Contractor gives us an advantage of knowing the best solution for clients rather than just wanting to sell a renewable solution which may or may not be the best option.

  • Photovoltaic systems are designed and installed.  These produce electrical power that is either used on site or fed back to the grid for a small payment.
  • Solar thermal systems produce hot water and should be able to produce most of the hot water for a family during the summer months.  The system will also contribute to the hot water at all other times
  • Air source heat pumps. These are the easier and cheaper heat pumps to install and are very capable in producing heating and hot water very efficiently.  We work very closely with Samsung who make good, reasonably priced units.
  • Ground source heat pumps.  This option requires some form of ground works and this does add cost to the project.  However they are more efficient than air source heat pumps and quieter.  Energy is taken from the ground by either boreholes, pipe strings or slinky.  Energy can also be captured from rivers and lakes.
  • Biomass heating.  This is becoming slowly more popular but it does require more space and is generally suited to the larger projects

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